At Puroclean Disaster Response we look forward to your feedback. Any property damage experience can be traumatic. Our objective is to ease that trauma, eliminate fears and to guide property owners through the restoration process. We strive to be the best damage restoration company in the area and our customer feedback is always appreciated.


PuroClean provided amazing service.

PuroClean provided amazing service.

by Cameron from Louisville on PuroClean Disaster Response
Great response time and friendly staff

Great response time and friendly staff. They were upfront and honest in their assessment, and helpful at a difficult time. Definitely recommend.

by Kate in Boulder on PuroClean Disaster Response
The team was responsive thorough and helpful

The responded immediately. The employees were great!

We helped the customer find a mysterious leak and dried everything out

Awesome service

Awesome service after a drain backup in Louisville.  Gina

by Kathleen Erickson on PuroClean Disaster Response
Wonderful help with water damage in Lafayette Colorado

PuroClean Disaster Response and their people presented themselves in a honorable way.  I highly recommend them to Liberty Mutual and to any other company or homeowner required their service.

Thanks Kathleen, we appreciate the kind words. We pride ourselves on our integrity and dependability.

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