Up in Smoke…Memories and Dreams

Within hours after a fire, metal fixtures including door handles and faucets can suffer permanent fire and smoke damage if not properly treated immediately.


Fire Damage

Although house fires are rare, it can be the most turbulent and nerve-wracking event your family ever experiences and whether it was a small or large-scale fire, handling the aftereffects is something best left to a professional service. PuroClean Disaster Response of Broomfield is a reputable local service provider that can begin the cleaning and deodorizing process immediately. Our highly trained staff will isolate the affected area, carefully pack up your belongings and quickly clean the fire and smoke damages so your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.

PuroClean Disaster Response has a team of IICRC certified technicians fully trained and certified in fire and smoke damage restoration. We will respond with knowledge and compassion.

An urgent response is critical to contain damage and minimize secondary damage from smoke or soot. We work quickly contain the damage on salvageable personal property. Our Best in class techniques and cleaning processes can save items that might otherwise have to be replaced.

Our Job Supervisor and the technicians will determine the full extent of fire and smoke damage. As soon as we assess the situation we will explain our planned steps to the homeowner helping them to understand everything that will happen in restoring their home. We will explain what can be saved and how and we can even coordinate the packing, removal and cleaning of household items.

Our immediate response will start with a thorough wipe down of all surfaces to clean soot off of all available surfaces. Soot is an acidic byproduct of combustion and if left unattended it will continue to cause further damage. We will start the odor mitigation process immediately. Finally, we will complete the job with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, deodorization and cleaning of HVAC ducting.

Our fire response services include:

  • Board up and securing of property
  • Pack out and cleaning of personal property
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Complete Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Professional Deodorization
  • Temporary Protection
  • Carpet and Pad Removal (when necessary)
  • Fire do’s and don’t’s


USE CAUTION: Watch for trip and fall hazards, and look out for any electrical wires that might be exposed.

LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE: Be sure to wear gloves, a dust mask, and eye protection. Do not handle the debris.

DISCARD DAMAGED FOOD & DRINKS: Throw away any opened goods and canned or packaged foods that were close to the fire or smoke.

EMPTY YOUR REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER: If electricity is off, empty your freezer and refrigerator completely, and prop open the doors to prevent mold.

SHUT OFF VENTILATION SYSTEMS: Shut down your A/C or heating system, and contact a licensed HVAC contractor.

PROTECT KITCHEN & BATHROOMS: If heat is off and weather is freezing, pour one tablespoon of antifreeze down sinks, toilet bowls, and tubs. Clean and protect chrome on faucets and appliances with a light coating of lubricant or a metal cleaner.

CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL, CERTIFIED RESPONSE COMPANY IMMEDIATELY: PuroClean Disaster Response technicians have been trained and certified by the IICRC in fire and smoke damage restoration. We are ready to respond immediately.


DON’T CLEAN OR PAINT WALLS: To prevent smoke and soot from setting permanently, do not attempt to wash or paint until the walls are professionally cleaned.

DON’T CLEAN OR REPAIR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: Electrical appliances that may have been close to fire, heat, or water should first be examined by a trained repair technician to check for any damage.

DON’T CLEAN CARPETS OR UPHOLSTERY: To prevent permanent smoke damage, do not try to clean fabric or carpeting yourself.

DON’T LAUNDER OR DRY CLEAN CLOTHING: Clothing that has been damaged by smoke should not be cleaned without consulting professionals.

DON’T TURN ON CEILING FIXTURES: If your ceiling is wet, do not switch on ceiling fixtures or fans. Avoid rooms where ceilings sag due to a buildup of water.

Contact PuroClean Disaster Response of Broomfield, CO today. Let us help you get your life and property back to the condition it was before the fire damage / smoke damage occurred. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.