Water Restoration

  Statistics will tell us that, every year, 2% of households will experience water damage serious enough to require professional help.   Most people want to avoid filing an insurance claim unless it is absolutely warranted.  Filing a claim can cause your insurance rates to rise and you may even loos coverage in some cases. 

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Can mold cause health problems or make them worse? Absolutely!!! We were recently called to help homeowners deal with water damage in their Westminster home, when we got there and we discovered extensive mold throughout the home as well. One of the owners had recently suffered a severe illness and this mold wasn’t going to

A frozen heating system in Estes Park spread water all over the place. PuroClean Disaster Response was called to Estes Park when a baseboard heating system pipe froze, ruptured and spread water throughout the home.  While Estes Park is truly a mountain wonderland it can get really cold during the winter and the freezing temperatures

  Is your roof ready for winter?  If you are worried that your roof might be getting old, have someone inspect it before we start to see snowfall regularly here in Colorado.  A leak in your roof can really cause a problem for you this winter, and it might be more than just water damage

Imagine going on vacation and returning to your east Boulder home to find mushrooms and mold growing in your carpet!! This recently happened to a client of ours.  They headed out of town on a short vacation and while they were gone, a pipe burst and flooded their basement.  Since they were out of town

  Problems with a water heater leaking will always leave you cold, but sometimes it will also leave you with a huge mess!  We recently had a mold remediation and water damage repair job in a Boulder mobile home caused by a bad water heater leak.   Our client called and told us their water

Water damage can happen in a lot of different ways. Even a little bit of water can cause extensive water damage and possibly mold growth if not extracted and dried out quickly.   Have you ever accidentally left the water running?  Not usually a big deal, unless your sink drain is clogged!  And even just