Odor control

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  When we clean up after a fire we could encounter anything. Items that may have not been touched by the fire itself will still require attention to deal with soot, smoke residue, scorch marks and possible damaged surfaces. One of our clients in Thornton, Colorado experienced a small fire in their home. The fire

In early March we were called to clean up fire damage at a house fire in Thornton. Soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell were pervasive throughout the house. Contents were damaged and contaminated and the structure itself needed a thorough assessment, damage remediation and some controlled and contained demolition. The fire originated in a

  Odors come from every where. Good and bad, all of them are remnants of some chemical reaction. Whether it’s the smells left behind by tobacco smoke, the smell from water damage and mildew, cooking smells or the smell left by a fire damage or smoke, all are the residue of some chemical reaction. Our

The Cold Springs fire is contained but 8 homes were destroyed and many others damaged by smoke and heat. Many families are confronting the reality that they must recover and move on and wildfire season is not over. We thought it might help to release some advice on re-entering a home that was evacuated and