Mold Restoration

More than 100,000 species of mold exist.  Mold spores are everywhere and most of us live with it without problem.  However, prolonged exposure can make any one feel the effects.  Elderly people and those with a compromised immune system are especially at risk. Health problems including allergies and respiratory illness can be among the effects. 

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Don’t wait or compromise when responding to water damage in your house…. If your insurance company denies coverage and you think it might be too expensive to go with PuroClean, think again.  When you have a water event in your house, be it water in your basement or an overflow from a sink or toilet anywhere

We work in a lot of town homes and condominiums.  These properties pose unique issues that aren’t seen in single family homes.  With the construction using common walls and common drain lines there are ample opportunities for water problems that spread from one unit to the other. In July of this year we were asked

At some point in time nearly all homeowners will require the help of a damage restoration company. Fires, floods, sever storms happen but more likely are the routine isolated disasters, frozen pipes, busted water heaters. At some point in your life you will experience this and need the help of a damage restoration company. When

We all have mold in the home.  Sometimes it is active and growing.  Some times it’s only the mold spores in the air.  Water damage, a dishwasher leak, water heater failure, a flooded basement, all can cause mold growth but the mold spores were there before the water damage.  Check out or Mold remediation page on our PuroClean Disaster Response

  Odors come from every where. Good and bad, all of them are remnants of some chemical reaction. Whether it’s the smells left behind by tobacco smoke, the smell from water damage and mildew, cooking smells or the smell left by a fire damage or smoke, all are the residue of some chemical reaction. Our

In early November PuroClean Disaster Response was called by one of our insurance company partners to help a homeowner in Boulder. They had experienced some water damage and needed help to restore the water damage to to make sure any mold was also eliminated. This home suffered damage due to a slow leak behind the kitchen sink