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When a Commerce City homeowner recently experienced a sewage backup in the basement they called PuroClean Disaster Response and we responded immediately.  Without ever walking into the home, we know certain things when facing a sewage backup; that any materials affected by the backup will be a complete loss.  We walked into this job knowing

Does a a lot of water on your hardwood floors mean that you are going to spend thousands on replacing or repairing them???  Often times, if you react fast enough the floors can be saved.  Can yours? The answer depends on several factors.  The extent and length of time of the water damage and the

Midnight on a Friday in a cellar full of water… Not my preferred way to spend Friday night, but we are a 24- hour, 7 day a week emergency response company. We got the initial call at 11PM on a Friday night and were on site by midnight to resolve a water situation. We will

Don’t wait or compromise when responding to water damage in your house…. If your insurance company denies coverage and you think it might be too expensive to go with PuroClean, think again.  When you have a water event in your house, be it water in your basement or an overflow from a sink or toilet anywhere

We work in a lot of town homes and condominiums.  These properties pose unique issues that aren’t seen in single family homes.  With the construction using common walls and common drain lines there are ample opportunities for water problems that spread from one unit to the other. In July of this year we were asked