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A Homeowners guide to Spring along Colorado’s front range Spring is a welcome season in beautiful Colorado.   We look to be delivered from frigid temperatures and drifting snow. But Spring presents its own challenges for homeowners along Colorado’s front range. Warming temperatures can turn to storms pretty quickly in Colorado.  Any of us who have lived for

Everyone should know how to shut off the water supply to the home. The fresh water supply comes from outside the home whether from a city water supply such as mine in Longmont or from a fresh water well if you live in the Colorado country side. Very near the spot where the water line

Imagine a beautiful old home in Denver, built over 120 years ago with a toilet supply line leaking on the third floor.   PuroClean Disaster Response was called to this home in Denver.   The leak started on the top floor in a bathroom.  The toilet supply line ruptured and started spraying water all over

Enjoy some of the Haloween fun from the neighborhood  

  Statistics will tell us that, every year, 2% of households will experience water damage serious enough to require professional help.   Most people want to avoid filing an insurance claim unless it is absolutely warranted.  Filing a claim can cause your insurance rates to rise and you may even loos coverage in some cases. 

  Educate yourself about mold, it is part of our environment but not something to fear if you understand what it is and how to deal with it.