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Water damage, fire, biohazard, mold and sewer backups require immediate response. Puroclean is one of the service providers that has been deemed ESSENTIAL. In communities where isolation has been mandated damage restoration services have been deemed essential and continue to be available. With all of us worried about the Covid-19 or “corona virus” we can’t

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Imagine a beautiful old home in Denver, built over 120 years ago with a toilet supply line leaking on the third floor.   PuroClean Disaster Response was called to this home in Denver.   The leak started on the top floor in a bathroom.  The toilet supply line ruptured and started spraying water all over

Enjoy some of the Haloween fun from the neighborhood  

  Statistics will tell us that, every year, 2% of households will experience water damage serious enough to require professional help.   Most people want to avoid filing an insurance claim unless it is absolutely warranted.  Filing a claim can cause your insurance rates to rise and you may even loos coverage in some cases. 

  Educate yourself about mold, it is part of our environment but not something to fear if you understand what it is and how to deal with it.

Homes and offices that have been subjected to tobacco smoke have a distinctive and pervasive smell that is not easy to eliminate.  In general smoke smells can be difficult to eliminate but the smoke and resulting residue and odor from tobacco smoke and especially cigarette smoke are especially difficult.  Cigarette smoke produces exceptionally small odor

  Spring is the perfect time to make sure your home is prepared for spring and summer.  It’s also a good time to finish up those tasks that may have been put off.  After a long winter, many household items may need upkeep or repair. So get your gloves ready and check out these home maintenance