Month: February 2018

More than 100,000 species of mold exist.  Mold spores are everywhere and most of us live with it without problem.  However, prolonged exposure can make any one feel the effects.  Elderly people and those with a compromised immune system are especially at risk. Health problems including allergies and respiratory illness can be among the effects. 

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Can mold cause health problems or make them worse? Absolutely!!! We were recently called to help homeowners deal with water damage in their Westminster home, when we got there and we discovered extensive mold throughout the home as well. One of the owners had recently suffered a severe illness and this mold wasn’t going to

Have you ever wanted to take a relaxing bath after a long day?  Well, what should have been a relaxing evening for one of our clients turned into a long night and en even longer days when the bath tub flooded 2 floors of their Longmont home. The homeowners had recently remodeled their bathroom including