Month: October 2017

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Imagine going on vacation and returning to your east Boulder home to find mushrooms and mold growing in your carpet!! This recently happened to a client of ours.  They headed out of town on a short vacation and while they were gone, a pipe burst and flooded their basement.  Since they were out of town

  Problems with a water heater leaking will always leave you cold, but sometimes it will also leave you with a huge mess!  We recently had a mold remediation and water damage repair job in a Boulder mobile home caused by a bad water heater leak.   Our client called and told us their water

  Even a small fire can make a big mess in your home. A small fire can cause damage to several rooms and all the items without you ever having to call the fire department!  PuroClean Disaster Response was recently called to a home in Longmont after a small kitchen fire left a real mess

  When we clean up after a fire we could encounter anything. Items that may have not been touched by the fire itself will still require attention to deal with soot, smoke residue, scorch marks and possible damaged surfaces. One of our clients in Thornton, Colorado experienced a small fire in their home. The fire